Lénaïc Chizat

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Post-doc researcher at SIERRA team, INRIA


Git-Hub repository

I prepared my PhD thesis at Université Paris Dauphine under the supervision of G. Peyré and F-X. Vialard. I defended it on November 10th 2017.

Research interests

During my PhD, I mostly developed models, numerical methods and applications for unbalanced optimal transport. My interest has recently shifted to the use of optimal transport in statistical learning.


Chizat, Peyré, Schmitzer, Vialard, An Interpolating Distance Between Optimal Transport and Fisher–Rao Metrics, Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 2016. (link to preprint)

Chizat, Peyré, Schmitzer, Vialard, Scaling Algorithms for Unbalanced Transport Problems, to appear in Mathematics of Computation, 2017 (link to preprint).

Peyré, Chizat , Vialard, Solomon, Quantum Optimal Transport for Tensor Field Processing, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2017 (link to preprint).


Chizat, Peyré, Schmitzer, Vialard, Unbalanced optimal transport: geometry and Kantorovich formulation, Preprint, 2016 (ArXiv link).

Thibault, Chizat, Dossal, Papadakis, Overrelaxed Sinkhorn-Knopp Algorithm for Regularized Optimal Transport NIPS Workshop on Optimal Transport & Machine Learning. 2017 (ArXiv link).

Chizat, Di Marino, A tumor growth model of Hele-Shaw type as a gradient flow. 2017 (ArXiv link).