Curriculum Vitae

I was born in 1990 and grew up in the midst of the beautiful hills of Beaujolais in France.

I have started a PhD in applied mathematics in November 2014.

In universities

2014 - ENS Cachan (France)

Graduated from MVA master program: mathematics, vision, machine learning

2013 - École des Mines (Paris, France)

Degree of science and executive engineering (major: industrial organisation)

2011 - Caltech (California, USA)

Seismological laboratory, exchange program of 6 months (inverse problems for earth structure tomography)

In companies

2014 - IFP-Énergies nouvelles (Rueil, France)

Intern - research on compression and multiscale rendering of 3d meshes.

2013 - Ekimetrics (Paris, France)

Intern - statistics and consulting (building econometric models for marketing)

2012 - Schlumberger (Texas, USA)

Intern - improvement of a seismic ray-tracing program

Teaching (at Dauphine University)

  • Functional analysis and PDEs (4th year, TD*);

  • Differential systems (3rd year, TD);

  • Probabilities and statistics (1st year);

  • Analysis III : power series, Fourier series… (2nd year, TD)

* in France, TD (“travaux dirigés”) are weekly sessions where students are trained at solving exercices.