Lénaïc Chizat

photo de lenaic 

PhD Student at DMA, École Normale Supérieure and Paris Dauphine (PSL research University)

Member of Mokaplan INRIA team

Supervised by G. Peyré and F-X. Vialard


Git-Hub repository

Research interests

Applied mathematics: convex analysis, variational problems and optimization algorithms.

I am interested in applications in the analysis of evolution PDEs, in machine learning and in signal processing. My main focus during my PhD is on some extensions of the optimal transport problem.

Submitted for publication

C., Peyré, Schmitzer, Vialard, Unbalanced optimal transport: geometry and Kantorovich formulation, Preprint (ArXiv link).

Peyré, C. , Vialard, Solomon, Quantum Optimal Transport for Tensor Field Processing, Preprint (ArXiv link).


C., Peyré, Schmitzer, Vialard, An Interpolating Distance Between Optimal Transport and Fisher–Rao Metrics, Foundations of Computational Mathematics, (2016).

C., Peyré, Schmitzer, Vialard, Scaling Algorithms for Unbalanced Transport Problems, to appear in Mathematics of Computation (ArXiv link).

In preparation

Di Marino, C., A tumor growth model of Hele-Shaw type as a gradient flow.